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The Acebikes SteadyStand Scooter was developed specifically for scooters and this makes it suitable for almost any type of scooter.
With the SteadyStand scooter you can park simply and effortlessly with a high level of safety.

Produced according to the highest standards, the SteadyStand Scooter has especially developed rubber bases which prevent it from moving during entering and exiting.
The SteadyStand Scooter is suitable for tires with a diameter of 10 to 13 inch and a width of 80 to 120 mm. Thanks to the premium yet lightweight materials the SteadyStand Scooter is easy to manoeuvre, and the user-friendly handlebar even makes it easy to lift.
Want to take your scooter along in your motorhome, van, or trailer? The SteadyStand Scooter will be your best friend. Park your scooter effortlessly, quickly, and perfectly straight. Applying lashing straps has now become much easier and you will not necessarily need your neighbour’s help anymore.

From now on, safe, easy, comfortable parking and even transportation will be a lot simpler with the SteadyStand Scooter.

Unique features:
Durable, high quality powder coated material
Special rubber feet to prevent sliding
Easy to move because of the convenient handle
Specially designed and engineered for scooters
The secure locking system on the front wheel provides maximum stability
Adjustable for wheel sizes from 10 to 13 tyre inches and tyre width from 80 to 120 mm